7 Days to a better Team

For over a year we have watched the BusinessDay model positively impact organizations and team collaboration. We are truly excited to share BusinessDay with you. 

We have found that it takes about 7 days to see the positive impact that BusinessDay can have on your team and on your individual productivity. That’s only a week. Get started today for free.

You’ll be impressed with what you are able to accomplish in just 7 days. What do you have to lose? Sign up below and take the 7 Day Challenge…. it might change your team forever!

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Why It Works So Well…

Track visualized tasks to specific deadlines
Get nudged when you are procrastinating
Break down complicated tasks into smaller more doable tasks
Coordinate tasks with team members
Get it right every time with recurring tasks
Leave a trail of accomplishments

Easy to use…

board-view Creating Task

create-new-taskCreate a new task by clicking on the blue “+” sign in the top left corner of every column  in both the Board view and Today view. Tasks are created to show specific activities that need to be completed.  These activities can range from complicated multistep task that take hours to finish or as simple as a reminder and everything in between. If an activity takes your attention, even if only momentary it’s perfect for a task. Start visualizing and organizing your tasks.


Task Status

Each task on the board represents an activity that needs to be completed.  Tasks can have the following status:

task-statusTo do: the task still needs to be actioned or needs additional action.

Doing: the task is currently being actioned.

Done: the task is complete no additional action is need. The task turns green.

Later: the task will not be actioned until later. The task turns gray.

Task status can be updated by clicking the drop down menu on the bottom right corner of the each card and selecting the current status.  Drag tasks between columns in the Today View to change status. Each column in the Today View represents a task status.



From one of the creators

I was struggling to keep the team organized and to get team members working together. I continually attempted to change everything, from seating, workflows, reports, teammates… nothing solved the problem.

We previously attempted implementing programs from other business books to no avail.

BusinessDay was different. We started see dramatic improvements. We started accomplishing our goals which months before were seemingly impossible. The team was move engaged and collaborative than ever.

The real test is when I went on vacation. I thought things would fall apart and I would come back to a disaster. Nope. I came back and the team was so excited to share that nothing was missed and everything was completed on time.

After 12 months of the using the BusinessDay methodology, we continue to impress ourselves with what we are accomplishing.

Bryan Bartels, Aries Freight Systems
Bryan Bartels