Businessday is a group of passionate entrepreneurs who believe task visualization and gamification of work will lead to productivity increases and a more satisfying work life balance.

How did we get here?

Like most people we were stuck in the day to day treadmill of never enough time energy or progress.  We were working hard but never felt like we were moving forward. There had to be a better more efficient way to manage work and teams.

After several years of research and reading from behavior economics, productivity, organization, efficiency, happiness and gamification we started to piece together a hybrid solution by Borrowing practices from Kanban and Scrum we coined the term BusinessDay.

While BusinessDay began as a 4×8 whiteboard from Home Depot using Post-it notes, crooked lines, and sloppy handwriting the results were astounding.

Teamwork and task clarity improved dramatically within the first month.

We watched month after month as teamwork, productivity and efficiency grew exponentially.

The BusinessDay approach to workflow management blew our expectations out of the water. combines our reading, research, field testing and real life experiences using the Businessday methodology into a single online tool that dramatically improves results and dirve behaviors for individuals or team.s

Don’t take our word for it. Try now to begin your journey to a more efficient business day.